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ResStat. Residence status. ImmStat. Immigration status. Citiz. Country of citizenship. PrevCntry. Previous country. Outside. Student studying outside Canada Mexico. PM . Saint Pierre and Miquelon. US . United States. ZJ Subtotal Central America. BZ . Belize. CR . Costa Rica..AnwtironleLcReddcaaaicard n. ilr LprIuii. dRC e aliRickefiseller Foudin trdopicale enicdearoyi EL i IA olt Tilt le is im OP. iUn inils te. C it . ahi tie,, ,k iA.! I I !Jiu,. cl do ,c! ilii ic. \lltt, d. I. I i. I\ l i.a la I a\ill. jIittc . tLii, tt, t i ll niit lllclnt a. I lit, > itt i cit,. aItlw cdl lc,. ,. do, Vilia\ Irn ,.c. I L . i” I Iiia tIc. , ll kI i. I l * ,..The Management Office is spending nearly percent of its direct core budget on personnel costs. By the Dt Lart y L. iMm doclr . D@pat tment of c. International Centers FY None. FY Dr. Francisco Morales. Dr. Lee calvert. CIAT. Cali, Colombia. San Jose, Costa Rica. . Title of .It .,.alit r t. Inn. od. . SOURCES OF INCOME of more than $ per source received period. “income” means assess lble income within the mewling . C IVEO AT. Directions. I . Disclosures are required by the Members of Parliament Financial Interests Act . Notes al italics on this form are intended only as a .